GET SMART: Substance Use/Abuse Prevention & Education Initiative

GET SMART is a student-driven program promoting positive messages about making informed, healthful decisions when it comes to substance use and reminding students that getting help for dependence or addiction show strength. This event is organized by the Tam Peer Resource and Tam Counseling & Wellness teams.

GET SMART stands for:

  • Getting around safely
  • Evaluating the consequences
  • Traveling together
  • Self and/or peer pressure
  • Monitoring the situation
  • Awareness
  • Realizing limits
  • Thinking about tomorrow

The week-long event on the Tam campus includes a variety of classroom presentations and workshops about drugs and alcohol facilitated by local community experts; a GET SMART poster and pledge campaign; a lunchtime carnival with educational games, community organizations, music and prizes; a teen-led GET SMART discussion during tutorial about substance use/abuse at Tam; and booths with information about consent, alcohol poisoning and more.

The events will take place at Tam throughout the week and will be publicized to all students and staff on campus.


POSTED: April 25 2017 | Events

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