About Us

Mill Valley Aware is a coalition of parents and community leaders who have joined together to help our teens grow up safe and healthy. We sponsor parent and teen education and events and provide ways for teens and parents to connect with and support each other around the issues of teen alcohol and drug use.


Mill Valley Aware promotes healthy community norms and actions to reduce alcohol and drug use and abuse by youth and adults.


  • Community support for the physical and mental health of our youth
  • Fostering resiliency, agility, adaptability and safety for our youth
  • Providing for an open and informed dialogue about drugs and alcohol in our community

Our Goals

  1. Reduce high school alcohol and marijuana use.
  2. Increase awareness that use of alcohol and drugs among youth and adults in Mill Valley exceeds the California average.
  3. Increase awareness about the health and legal consequences of alcohol and drug use.
  4. Change Mill Valley norms regarding alcohol and drugs to reduce the incidence of underage use.


Steering CommitteeStephanie Moulton-Peters, Co-Chair
TBD, Co-Chair/Vice-Chair
Elaine Wilkinson
Annie Bricca
Policy & Data AnalysisRandi Lachter
Stephanie Moulton-Peters
Annie Bricca
Ella Clark
Community EngagementLt. Jackie Graf
Bruce Goldberg
School Resource Officer, Nick Neisius
MVMS Principal, Anna Lazzarini
Elaine Wilkinson
Education & ProgramKendra Pollack
Gus Sandage, Teen Coordinator
MVMS Vice Principal, Mark Nelson
Yvonne Milham, Wellness Coordinator
Ronnie Moore, Volunteer Coordinator
Communication, Marketing,
& Outreach
David Dubin
Maureen Parton

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Mill Valley Aware