Are You Aware?

Marin County consistently ranks as one of the healthiest counties in California. Yet Marin holds another, far less enviable title: We have one of the highest rates of adult alcohol and drug use in the state. No wonder Marin’s rate of teen drug and alcohol use is way above average, too.

In 2016, Marin County made headlines when police intercepted a rented “party bus” packed with local teens ready for a 6-hour joyride around San Francisco in the company of booze, pot and prescription drugs.

Here are some more facts to consider. A 2016 survey* of 11th graders at Tam High revealed:

  • 88% believe it’s easy to obtain alcohol
  • 85% believe it’s easy to obtain marijuana
  • 76% have used alcohol or drugs
  • 33% have engaged in binge drinking in the past month

At Mill Valley Aware, we want to change these deeply concerning numbers.

We believe it’s time to come together as a community to help keep our kids informed and engaged when it comes to making smart choices about drugs and alcohol. We aim to encourage parents to become positive role models for teens – and to empower teens to resist peer pressure and other influences that can lead to substance use, abuse or addiction.

We believe education + awareness = better choices.

We hope you like this equation, too. If you do, please join us in our community-wide effort to make Mill Valley a safe, positive place for teens to grow, explore and thrive.

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